When I first started planning our wedding a few years ago, I remember all of the questions that were flying around my head.

Everything that needed to be done to plan the wedding was totally new… and to be honest, when I went to talk with vendors or see venue’s it was really uncomfortable.

That’s when my sister recommended that I do some research on different ways we could get a little help along the way. Just like you, I had a budget to work with and the idea of paying someone else to help felt like a stretch. Since she had married already, I figured I had better at least look into it.

Here’s what I’ve uncovered on my journey as a wedding planner today.

wedding planner

When you book a wedding venue, the person you initially talk to is a venue coordinator.

Basically, her job is to ensure that you get the value from their location that you were originally promised. She will also be present with an assistant all night to ensure that their property remains in good grace and help the vendors get around comfortably. Her main training is for the venue’s needs.


Then I looked into a wedding day coordinator.

A wedding day coordinator or day of coordinator essentially comes into the planning picture during the last month of wedding planning. He or she takes over all of the last minute tasks like arranging the timeline and details for your wedding and managing your team of wedding vendors. If you were at work, she is your manager.


Now, at the very tip top… there is a Wedding Planner.

This person is there with you from the beginning and has helped you move through the process. He or she helps you make smarter decisions quickly and easily by making suggestions or recommendations to your questions. Some planners will offer to sign contracts and pay the invoices for you (you’re paying for their fee + vendor fees etc.) others, like my team, for example, will leave the financials to you.

There is something super personal about money… what you do with it, who you work with, the value you’ll get. Or at least that’s how I’ve always felt!


Maybe, you can relate.


What are some of the questions you tend to think of when planning your wedding? I LOVE hearing back from my readers… please drop your question for me in the comments below, and it could be answered here on the blog soon too!

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