Erin Goldman Cooke

This week’s featured vendor is Erin Goldman Cooke, owner of the The Rosery Flower Shop in Hudson.

We LOVE scrolling through The Rosery’s facebook page -not only is filled with tons of photos of gorgeous floral arrangements and bouquets, but it also has lots of helpful information for couples. Read on for our interview with Erin below and check out the Rosery’s stunning creations!

Name: Erin Goldman Cooke
Business Name & Location: The Rosery Flower Shop
128 Green Street Hudson NY 12534
238 Warren Street Hudson NY 12534
Years Working in the Event Industry: 13

Business Facebook Page:

How did you get started in the industry?

My mother was a florist and I hung around the store frequently so I kind of fell into it.

What inspires you?

Everytime I open an order that comes into the store and I see the beautiful flowers in the box I get excited as to what to do with them. The Hudson Valley is producing some really amazing botanicals that I rely heavily on when possible and things like ranunculas that are coming out of Italy are breathtaking.

What are some of the biggest trends in wedding florals among your clients lately?

One of the biggest trends is the desire to give back, frequently we have brides who donate their flowers to a local nursing home after their event so that the beauty is enjoyed a little bit longer.

Rosery Flower Shop - Wedding cake

Photo by KT Crabb Photography

What is your favorite part of the job?

I would have to say creating a unique event that captures the personalities of the couple is the most rewarding.

For an engaged couple, when is the best time to book the florist?

I used to say 6-9 months out but the Hudson area is fast becoming a wedding destination and days are frequently booked out 1 year or more ahead.

Rosery Flower Shop - Just Married Couple

Photo by Turnquist Photography

What are some things couples should look for when choosing a florist for their wedding?

For me I feel strongly about the art of floristry, you should check out their instagram and see if their design aesthetic fits with what you have in mind. Lots of florists have a wide range of skills which would be showcased there, if you are asking someone to create something that is not in their comfort level you should be leary.

What advice do you have for couples planning their big day?

Be open minded. We have done hundreds of weddings over the years and therefore have quite a bit of knowledge on seasonality, budgeting, perishability, and color theory; trust a professional. Also , if budget is of a concern let us know, we can come up with a unique design to fit your needs and tell you where you should focus on items and what maybe not to so that your day looks beautiful.

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