Wondering how you’re going to ask those few special people in your life to be apart of your big day? No worries, were going to break down the 5 best ways to do your bridesmaid proposal.

There’s a few different ways you can go about your proposal. You can get all of your girls together and do it as a group, or you can individually ask everyone in a special way. I’m going to share a few of the most unique ways to propose to your bridesmaids.

1. Scratch to Reveal Card 

This idea is super cute and something that your bridesmaid will be able to keep forever. Adding this to a cute little gift box with other things like wine, a personalized wine glass, and some chocolates is a cute and super affordable way to ask your girls to be apart of your big day.

2. Tie the Knot Earring

These knot earrings are so gorgeous! Putting these earrings on a card that says ” I couldn’t tie the KNOT without you”, or “help me tie the KNOT” , or something “punny” is so adorable, and lets be honest what girl doesn’t love jewelry? Your bridesmaids can also wear these earrings the day of the wedding.

3. Memory Box

This idea is completely customizable to your bridesmaid. Get a wooden box from the craft store and attach some twine from one end of the box to the other end. Use small clothes pins to attach three of your favorite pictures together. On the bottom of the pictures write the words “will you” on the first picture, “be my” on the second picture, and “bridesmaid?” on the third picture. In the box you can put a few of their favorite things. If they’re a coffee drinker, add a mug. Maybe some nail polish in the color of your potential bridesmaid dress. A cute little initial necklace. This idea is so meaningful and easy to make each one a little different.

4. Will You be my Bridesmaid? Personalized Card

These cards are so adorable! They’re handmade, made to order cards of you and your bridesmaid in robes that say “Bride”,”Bridesmaid”, and “Maid of Honor”. You can choose hair color and style, skin tone, and an accessory. This is a really thoughtful gift that your girls will for sure love and have forever, and cute enough to even frame.

5. Polaroid Puzzle

This is a super thoughtful gift for your girls. You can pick your favorite picture of the two of you and have it made into a puzzle. The end result will be a polaroid of the picture and at the bottom you can customize it to say whatever you want. You can write “Will you be my bridesmaid?” or just the date of the wedding.

There are a million ideas for bridesmaid proposals out there but I thought these were super unique and thoughtful ways to ask your girls to be apart of your special day. These decisions should be fun and stress free!

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