From posting the ring selfie to making your guest list here are a list of things to do after you’re engagement. The moment is finally here, you’re engaged! With so many things to think about let us help you with what to do next.

1. Call Your Loved Ones

It is way more special to give your loved ones a call before you do that mass post to social media. Make sure to call all of your friends and family and share the exciting news, and get them excited for engagement party.

2. Set a Date

“When’s the wedding?” will be all you hear after he pops the big question. Even if you don’t know the exact day come up with a rough time line of when you’re thinking. Coming up with a season and year will help answer all those eager family members questions.

3. Get Your Ring Sized

You definitely don’t want to lose that precious ring. If your ring doesn’t fit make sure to get it sized so it fits comfortably.

4. Set a Budget 

Before making any plans you need to figure out what you have to spend and if your parents are contributing. Make sure you and your fiancé are in agreement about the budget.

5. Guest List 

Once you set your budget you’ll want to start making a guest list. Try to make this as stress free as possible, and keep your budget in mind. If you’re unsure about inviting someone, think if you’d invite them over to your house for dinner.



Hopefully this was helpful! Leave comments below of your after engagement tips.



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