Your wedding day is probably the most important and special day of your life. It is the moment you’ve been waiting for, for so long. You’ve planned out every little detail and have tried to make everything perfect so you can remember it forever. Once your special day is all over you’ll only remember the highlights. The day goes by so fast and there are so many people to see and things to do that you don’t get to take in every single detail of your day. That’s why hiring a professional photographer is so important. We have lined up some tips to picking a wedding photographer and what you need to do to have the best photos of your day.

1. Book in Advance

You want to make sure you shop around for photographers well in advance. They book out fast just like venues. Start inquiring with different photographers about 9 to 12 months in advance. This gives you plenty of time to find the perfect person to shoot your special day.

2. Prepare a Mood board

If you are someone who wants to have your pictures printed out to hang up in your home you definitely want to know what types of pictures to take. Having a mood board helps you and your photographer know exactly what shots to get and keeps you on track on your wedding day.

3. Practice Makes Perfect

If you’re someone who is not comfortable in front of the camera, you’re going to want to practice in the mirror! Literally, stand in the mirror and practice different smiles, and smirks, and poses. The last thing you want to do is spend so much time and money hiring a photographer and not even like the outcome of your photos. The more comfortable you are in front of the camera the faster your pictures will be and the better they will turn out.

4. Hire One Company

If you’re looking into having both, a photographer and videographer it is best to hire through the same company. This way everything is edited and produced in the same way. Having a videographer is a great idea for those who want to literally document the day. It’s a great way to share the day with your children or just to reminisce over the years.

5. Come up with a Plan

You and your photographer should set up a very detailed schedule of the day. You should plan out the times of when each important event is happening. Hair and makeup, first look, ceremony, cake cutting etc. This way your photographer knows whats to come and can keep themselves on track. It is so important to keep yourself and all of your vendors on schedule.


Make sure you are as relaxed as can be on your special day it happens so fast so take it all in! We hope this was helpful and if you need any photographer recommendations check out our Featured Vendors.


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