About us

Vanessa Preville, the founder of Blush Weddings

Blush Weddings & Events was born from owner Vanessa Preville’s love of celebrations.

From planning employee recognition events and business conferences to planning elaborate parties for family and friends, Vanessa has always loved planning and hosting events for others to enjoy.

Vanessa graduated from Marist College with a bachelor’s in Liberal Studies and has spent over ten years working in various HR and administrative roles, where she was often tasked with planning corporate events. In 2018, she decided to open an event planning company with a focus on wedding design and coordination. Event planning comes naturally to Vanessa and is her passion both personally and professionally. Vanessa believes in building relationships with her clients and gets to know their interests and story, and uses that information to design beautiful events. When she is not working, Vanessa enjoys spending time with her two dogs, Renly and Rondo.

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